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Design of plate heat exchanger starts with design of molds of plates and gaskets using Aspen and Catia softwares by experts in the engineering department. Then the three-dimensional models are converted to the computer codes by softwares such as Mastercam and the mold production is done by CNC machines. Heat exchanger manufacturing process begins after the design, manufacture and test of molds. CoolSummer Co. manufactures a wide range of products. The product design in CoolSummer is customized according to the customers need.

To increase product quality, all raw materials used for the production of plate heat exchanger are famous prepared from global brands. The most important part of a plate heat exchanger is corrugated thermal plates. Because effective heat transfer will be done in the channels between the plates.

In addition to plate heat exchangers (P.H.E.), CoolSummer also manufactures other products. Air Cooled Heat exchangers Cleaning in places (CIP) devises, oil coolers, are among them.

Coolsummer Co. has many customers in different industries including

Oil gas and petroleum industry,

Steel and related industries,

HVAC industries and

Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Sea and Marine.