semi weld heat exchangers

The heat transfer plates are two plates laser welded together as "cassettes" creating a hermetically sealed flow channel. This is reducing the contact between the critical media and the rubber gasket to a minimum.The media flowing inside the welded cassette is only in contact with a special designed ring gasket at the inlet and outlet of the cassette.This ring gasket can be supplied in other special materials than that of the traditional gasket on the Outside of the cassette, where the opposite media is flowing.

The "herringbone" plate pattern grants optimal turbulent flow, which increases the efficiency and minimizes fouling. An important advantage compared with heat exchangers of the past.The size of the flow plates can be chosen up to 1,9 m2 per plate. The slender design of the plates creates a high thermal efficiency gaining high "thermal length".This often results in a "single pass" solution for solving many tasks, and allows for all the connections to be located on the head of the frame.This makes pipe- and service work easier and exhange of flow plates takes place without removing any pipes. Further easy draining, effective and easy CIP cleaning and the possibility of "back-flushing" for cleaning purposes.The high thermal efficiency of the CoolSummer semi-welded plate heat exchanger results in a tremendously reduced volume inside the heat exchanger compared with other heat exchangers. This means less refrigerants and other critical medias in the system.