Manyenance and Service

A heat exchanger is a critical component in many processes. Coolsummer Testing has developed methods that enable a large extent of In-Situ (on site) cleaning, inspection and maintenance with minimal reaching time. Pro-active measurements implemented on entire systems help prevent down time and will ensure system integrity between planned maintenance and inspection intervals.

Whole systems of users can be cleaned with minimal interference/dismantling. Automatic flushing systems for entire tube bundles shorten the flushing time on site considerably.

Coolsummer Co can perform all operations in its own workshops. When responsible for a complete overhaul, the heat exchanger is returned fully documented to the client once ready.

For work on offshore installations all equipment is Z-015 approved, and there are methods developed for work on facilities that are in operation. Inspection, testing and pluging operations are done by use of portable equipment that can be transported by plane/helicopter along with the service technician.

• Material inspection
• Video inspection
• Digital documentation
• Portable equipment
• Ex equipment

Cleaning and testing documentation
• Chemical cleaning
• UHP/hydro jetting/aqua milling
• Automatic flushing unit
• Nitrogen purging
• Pressure testing on site
• N2/He leak testing/soap testing
• Portable Z-015 approved equipment

Pigging and repair
• In-Situ pigging
• Pigs for all materials, pressures and dimensions
• Reparation

• Flow testing
• Loss of pressure over time
• Efficiency over time
•  Material inspection
• Monitoring and logging