spiral heat exchanger


The coolsummer spiral heat exchanger is a circular heat exchanger with two spiral channels, each in one closed chamber ensuring that what comes in also comes out.The flow of the two products is countercurrent, which makes it possible to have a close temperature approach between the two medias being treated in the heat exchanger.In the same spiral heat exchanger the design makes it possible to run free flow on the one side and standard flow on the other side.



Medias and Applications

a large variety of fluids can be suitable for a spiral heat exchanger solution e.g. fouling liquids containing solids and fibres, wastewater slurries mixtures with inert gases, cooling and heat recovery, vapour/liquid condenser, vacuum condenser with inert gases

Easy access to the heat transmission area

It is essential to have easy access to the heat transmission area for maintenance, with a CoolSummer spiral heat exchanger. This is a very easy task. Each side of the closed spirals can be accessed by opening the side frame of the heat exchanger

without any use of special tools. When opening the side frame there will be fully access to the heat transmission area on one side. This side can be cleaned without getting in contact with the other side of the heat exchanger. The side frame is designed with hinges making lifting equipment unnecessary.

A very flexible pipe fitting solution

As an extra feature the flexible pipe connections make it possible to run CIP cleaning through the installation, when required.Long-life gasket solution.The two gaskets placed on the side frames are ensuring a long-lasting solution. The opening and closing of the side frame increases wear of the gasket. Therefore the CoolSummer solution does not only have one gasket covering the hole side frame, but an edge gasket which can be easily replaced when wear occurs.

Customized solutions

No application and duties are the same for a spiral heat exchanger meaning that all CoolSummer spiral heat exchangers are always customized according to the specifications from the customer.

Saving valuable production area

The spiral heat exchangers is a very compact solution. The design only requires only  a small space for installation compared to traditional heat exchanger solutions. This saves valuable production space and costs.